Wait. Why am I getting free jewelry?

Because you're worth it! ❤️

Hi there! I'm Christy, a jeweler in Vermont, doing my best to make the world a little brighter, with this thing I call #hideitforward. I have some pretty awesome customers who wanted to join the fun, and one of them hid this box for you!

Log Your Find (2 cool things will happen)

Use the secure form below to send me the 4-digit code from your treasure box and...
  1. I'll email a Thank You coupon to the person who hid your box. (I won't share your name or email.)
  2. I'll email YOU a coupon good for 10% off everything in my store, plus a free professional jewelry polishing cloth with your first order. 
Everybody wins, and the world gets just a little brighter. 

P.S. This will NOT add you to any mailing list. It's also not automated - you'll get a real email back from the real me. Just put that 4-digit code in the Message section below, and I'll take care of the rest.   :-)

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