Making the world a little brighter through jewelry.

If you love adventure, random acts of kindness, and paying it forward, here's something fun for you!


Vermont Jewelry Artist Christy Stocker

Hi there, I'm Christy Stocker, a Vermont jewelry maker near Ludlow, VT. A few times a month, I hide a piece of my handmade Vermont jewelry somewhere in the Okemo Valley region. Could be on Okemo Mountain, in downtown Ludlow, or any of the surrounding areas.

When I do, I post a pic of the location on my Instagram and Facebook, with the hashtag #hideitforward, and the treasure hunt begins! (Kinda like Pokemon, only better, because JEWELRY.) If you're in the area, or looking for Vermont vacation ideas, things to do in the summer near Okemo, or things to do in Ludlow Vermont, follow me @MountainMetalcraft & join the hunt!

But wait...there's more!

Hide It Forward Treasure Box

You already decided you love adventure, random acts of kindness, and paying it forward, so I have something else for you. (This is where it really gets fun.) You can #hideitforward for a random stranger in your city, town, or neighborhood, and I'll give you the jewelry to do it. 

With every purchase over $150, I'll include a sealed #HideItForward Treasure Box for you to hide in your town. (No keeping the Treasure Box for yourself, or gifting it directly to anyone! This is on the Honor System, and I trust you to #HideItForward, brighten someone's day, and restore faith in humanity.)

Hide your Treasure Box in a spot that's public & easily accessible, and snap a pic that shows something/someplace recognizable from your hiding spot. Post the pic & tell your friends to go look! Include the hashtags #HideItForward and #MountainMetalcraft. If a random stranger comes across it first, that's cool too! 

The Treasure Box includes a piece of my handmade jewelry, along with instructions for the finder to claim a coupon, which will also automatically send YOU a Thank You coupon, for being awesome. Everybody wins, and the world gets just a little brighter.


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