About Vermont Jewelry Artist Christy Stocker

About Vermont Jewelry Artist Christy Stocker

You've had a rough year, but relax! I'm Christy, and I'm here to make you smile.
(And not just once. Oh no...I mean, once is great, but hey, you deserve more.)

Here's how I plan to give you at LEAST 5 smiles. 

🙂 1. Design - You'll see a design somewhere in these pages that speaks to you. You'll get that little flutter inside that says, "Oooh, that's SO me!" Smile number one.

😁 2. Unboxing - Half the fun of presents is opening them, right? Rest assured, I've put as much thought into your giftwrap as the jewelry itself. You're gonna love it, and it's included free.

😌 3. Craftsmanship - Excellent craftsmanship requires a certain level of OCD. Trust me, I have it. Instead of tormenting my husband, I pour all my nitpickiness into my work. You'll smile contentedly when you see it in person, knowing you chose a treasure meticulously crafted to last a lifetime.

😁 4. Mirror - Check you out! This smile comes when you try on your jewelry, and see yourself standing just a little taller, head held a little higher. 

😊 5. Compliments - This one's my personal favorite, because these are ongoing, random smiles, that tend to show up right when you need them most. This is where great jewelry truly shines!


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My Story

I wanted a ring. Not just any old ring. There was one particular spinner ring on Etsy that spoke to me, and gave me that first little fluttery smile. I knew I needed it, and casually mentioned it to my husband. Like 8 times. But, we were newly married, not swimming in dough, and this was before there were handmade jewelry websites with payment plans (ahem, like this one). Also, he doesn't take hints.

But, he knows I've always been artsy and good with tools, so he encouraged me to take a silversmithing class with a friend, suggesting that maybe I could make my own ring. Brilliant! The first day of class, I fell in love with fire and metal. I took to silver like that kid in "Love Actually" took to the drums, and perfected a collection of simple sterling silver jewelry. Six months later, I opened my Etsy shop, stocked with silver stacking ring sets, simple sterling silver earrings, and tie-the-knot bridesmaids bracelets. I worked my tail off, and spent the next several years taking classes, honing skills, adding new designs, and climbing the charts in Etsy's top 200 jewelry sellers. 

Fast forward almost ten years, a new studio, and over 11,000 smiling customers later, making people happy through jewelry is still my thing. Whether it's teaching private lessons, or making a new piece for you from scratch, I do what I can to make the world a little brighter, one piece of jewelry at a time. I currently admin a group of over 20K aspiring metalsmiths, and love mentoring new jewelry makers. And yes, I made myself that ring. 


Now...what can I make for YOU?

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That Ring
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