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Current turnaround time: 2 weeks - rush production available

The Maker

Christy Stocker Mountain Metalcraft

Mountain Metalcraft is my cozy little one-woman jewelry studio, nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I'm Christy Stocker, and I spend my days here, tink-tinking away at little bits of metal, bringing each piece to life, while amusing my husband with an assortment of bug-eyed magnification devices. 

The Inspiration

Frog on lily pad in pond at Mountain Metalcraft

I've always been easily distracted by shiny things, and equally entranced by nature. I remember beachcombing at an early age, collecting tiny seashells to turn into earrings. These days, the materials and techniques are a little more sophisticated, but the inspiration remains the same.

My studio is surrounded by fragrant evergreens, maple trees, lilacs, blackberry bushes, and big, bushy ferns. Frogs bask contentedly on lily pads in the sun-dappled pond. Just outside the studio windows, nature hums along at its own pace, showing us occasional glimpses of bears, porcupines, foxes, skunks, owls, hawks, turkeys, and deer. It's a magically inspiring place, and I'm thankful to call it home.

The Materials

I use only high quality, carefully sourced stones and metals, including 14K Gold, and Argentium Sterling Silver. Developed in the 1990s, Argentium is a sterling silver alloy, containing more fine silver than traditional sterling. (Traditional sterling contains 92.5% fine silver (.925), whereas Argentium sterling contains 93.5% fine silver (.935).) This higher silver content makes Argentium Sterling tarnish resistant, and hypo-allergenic. Many people who are unable to wear traditional sterling silver can wear Argentium Sterling.

All Argentium is made from reclaimed silver and its sources are guaranteed by Argentium International Ltd. For more info on Argentium, click here.

All materials are nickel-free.

The Process

 Each piece begins its life as sheet metal and wire. I use traditional hand tools and techniques, together with modern technology, to transform these raw materials into treasures. With a background in graphic design, I've found my happy place where hand-sawing and soldering meet digital illustration and electro-etching. I hope you love it as much as I do!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line!
 Rio Pro Member 2018   Argentium Silver Guild