Frequently Asked Questions about Mountain Metalcraft jewelry, materials, ordering, and more.


Is this nickel free jewelry?
- Yes! All Mountain Metalcraft jewelry is nickel free, unless otherwise specified. (White gold does contain nickel.)

Will my jewelry tarnish?
- Mountain Metalcraft uses Argentium Sterling, which is tarnish resistant.

Do you offer discounted sets for bridesmaids?
- Yes! Contact us for pricing.

Will this ring turn my finger green?
- Typically, a green finger is the result of the skin's reaction to copper. With cheap, plated metals, the plating can wear off, exposing base metal with a high copper content. We DO NOT use plated metals! Additionally, the Argentium sterling we use contains even less copper than traditional sterling, and is considered hypo-allergenic.

What is the difference between Argentium Sterling and traditional .925 Sterling?
- Argentium Sterling Silver is a high quality silver alloy, which was developed in the 90s, and is gaining popularity. Traditional sterling contains 92.5% fine silver (hence the .925), with the remaining 7.5% comprised of copper. Argentium sterling contains more fine silver (93.5%), and replaces some of the remaining copper with Germanium, making Argentium sterling highly tarnish resistant, brighter, and more hypo-allergenic than traditional sterling.

When will my order arrive?
- Current production time is two weeks. If you selected Priority shipping at checkout, your order will automatically be moved forward in the production schedule. Priority orders are usually ready to ship within a few days.