Treasures of the Sea - Final preview - ALL items

Today is the day! I'm so excited to send these little treasures out to their new homes!

As many of you know, this is the first time I've made and offered a collection at once. It's also the first time I'm listing everything on my own website, instead of Etsy. The burnout was real, and this big change has really gotten the creative juices flowing again! ❤️

That said, I made this collection small, to test the waters and see how I liked it, but more importantly, to see how YOU liked it. There are only 30 pieces total, and they'll all be available at 7pm tonight. (A tad earlier, if you're on my mailing list.)

Important: As you shop, please keep in mind that several people may have the same item in their cart at the same time - whoever completes checkout first will get the item - even if it was still in someone else's cart. If there's a particular piece you've had your eye on, I'd recommend checking out with that item first (as quickly as possible), then going back for more. 

As promised, here's the preview, with the written breakdown below (there will be lots more pictures, under different lighting, different backgrounds, etc. in the individual listings, so you'll get a better feel for the colors):

• 5 Crush Turtle Bracelets (1/2" leather band, 1" turtle)

• 6 Squirt Turtle Bracelets (the thinner, 3/8" double leather band, 3/4" turtle)

• 6 Crush Turtle Necklaces (1" turtle)

• 2 Squirt Turtle Necklaces (3/4" turtle)

• 3 Larimar Starfish Necklaces (same style, slight differences)

• 1 Larimar & Seahorse Necklace

• 1 Larimar with Octopus Tentacle Necklace

• 1 Whale Necklace

• 1 Sassy Starfish Necklace

• 1 Sand & Waves Larimar Necklace with London Blue Topaz

• 3 pairs of earrings (2 Larimar, 1 Whale)


Thank you so much for your interest, enthusiasm, and input - I hope you love these treasures as much as I do!


The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
- Jacques Yves Cousteau




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  • Tracey Greene

    They are so darling!

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