Mountain Winter - Final Preview

It's finally here!

As we move toward a more frugal time, I've made this collection a mix of one-of-a-kind (OOAK) and more affordable, made-to-order pieces. All pieces are previewed below, so you'll be ready to jump in and snag your favorites! (And don't forget - anyone who orders this month gets a free bottle of foaming hand soap!)

Important: As you shop, please keep in mind that several people may have the same item in their cart at the same time - whoever completes checkout first will get the item - even if it was still in someone else's cart. If there's a particular piece you've had your eye on, I'd recommend checking out with that item first (as quickly as possible), then going back for more. 

Mountain Winter Collection - Mountain Metalcraft

• Birch Leaf Necklace (OOAK)

• Silver & Gold Birch Leaf Earrings (made to order)

• Silver Birch Leaf Earrings (made to order)

• Deer Tracks Earrings (made to order)

• Deer Earrings (made to order)

• Night Sky Necklace (made to order)

• Night Sky Earrings (made to order)

• Dendritic Opal Winter Ring (size 7 OOAK)

• Dendritic Opal Twig Necklace (OOAK)

• Dendritic Opal Snowy Hill Necklace (OOAK)

• Black Onyx Rose Ring (made to order)

• Dendritic Opal Mountainscape Lake Necklace (OOAK)

• Dendritic Opal Mountainscape Necklace (OOAK)

• Fox Jumping Earrings (made to order)

• Twig Hoop Earrings (made to order)

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